Knowledge C is purely to sell Insight Academy related products to Insight Academy only.

KnowledgeC is intended to help Educational Institutions, Publishers, Book Sellers, Stationery manufacturers, Uniform, Uniform Accessories and other suppliers to create their Exclusive Online Shop on this and enabling all of them to sell their products.

KnowledgeC is destined to become the insight academy related products where offering value to customers for every purchase they make. It would be our utmost endeavour to provide a pleasant shopping experience to the student community and institutions alike by offering them a wide variety of products to choose from at competitive prices coupled with faster deliveries.

Vendors on board are India’s renowned Retailers, Publishers, Manufacturers, Brand Owners, Authorized dealers who serve their customers in physical stores and we provide them a platform to have a larger and wider reach.

Availability of everything educational at one place would positively and immensely help institutions, parents and students alike.